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Instant online payday loan direct lender: reality or fiction? Fast or immediate loans are a type of loan that was born only a few years ago, as an alternative solution to the request for credit lines or to deal with emergency situations that require amounts that are not too high. The most important distinctive element for their identification and classification is precisely that of “immediate outcome”.

Direct lenders: find your perfect loan

Since this is a liquidity request that can be freely disposed of, with payday loans you must present the same documentation, but you must pay more attention to the correspondence of the data reported in the request form with the attached documents. If possible it is better to send the documentation by e-mail because faxes are often not very readable.

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The 24 hours must be calculated when the bank or the finance company answers that it has obtained all the documentation correctly and no other documents are required.

The sum eventually paid is credited to the current account indicated in the request, but the timing can go beyond the 24 hours linked to the resolution (it is better to inquire in advance to avoid unpleasant incidents).

What types are there?

What types are there?

This type of loan has recently had a further evolution linked to the development of the Internet with the possibility of being requested directly online from the comfort of home. For example, some banks provide loans of this type for around 3 thousand USD, but there are banks that even reach 5 thousand USD. As can be seen from these amounts, however, it is clear that we are within the category of what is called a ” small loan “.

Attention: it is not said that an immediate online loan is also a small loan while the vice-versa is true: this is due to the fact that in some cases small loans can require quite long times (as sometimes happens with the NoiPa loan ).

In general, however, the principle is valid based on which, given the reduced requested amounts, the preliminary investigation phase, also online, is also quite reduced both as time required and as requested documentation. From this point of view, however, a distinction must be made depending on whether the loans are personal or finalized and whether the applicants are employees and retirees or self-employed.

Finally, a final clarification must be made: with the exception of a loan disbursed directly from the site where the purchase will be made, it is first necessary to apply to the banks that provide for the provision of loans or loans in 24 hours, even if for the calculation of the time horizon however takes into account the moment in which the bank comes into possession of all the necessary documentation.

Therefore, among the first things to do to guarantee the payment of the sum requested within 24 hours, there is also the right to immediately take action to present all the complete documentation in a single tranche, paying attention to the fact that it is completely and perfectly legible.

We must also make sure that the 24 hours proposed by the bank concern only the outcome or even the provision of the sum. This difference is very marked, especially if we consider that the time from the approval of a request for financing to that of liquidation of the sum (and therefore of the relative availability on the bank account of the applicant) can also be up to 5 days on average.

Financing finalized in 24 hours

These are amounts required to purchase certain goods or services through access to credit. It is also the fastest form to obtain, but if you intend to request it, you must have the minimum documentation required.

First of all, you must have a valid ID document and the tax code or health card (not expired). Then, if we are dealing with employees or pensioners, we must present a copy of at least two payslips (normally the last in a temporal sense) or the pension slip, while if we are talking about higher amounts we must also remember the Cud. The self-employed workers must instead attach the Unique to the last tax return.

With these loans, you can have the response even within a few tens of minutes or at most within a few hours. Obviously, in the case of online purchases, we must refer to serious and secure sites that rely, in turn, on reliable banks or financial institutions. Also in these latter cases, there are no difficulties in filling in the application forms as the purchase price of the item itself is authoritative.


As an alternative to classic financing, it is possible to go through Pagodil’s request, which has the merit of not requesting income documents. Through the solution offered by Cofidis you can decide to buy in installments and without interest without having planned it in advance but, of course, only at participating merchants. Not being a real form of financing, but rather a payment extension, it is also granted without additional guarantees. The following are required for the extension request:

  • ATM or check;
  • identity document and health card;
  • a mobile telephone number where you can also receive the outcome of the transaction.



Having said this, the most ‘authentic’ form of immediate online loan is that which exploits the pre-assessment through which to identify any problems and hitches in advance, avoiding subsequent delays. With a pre-assessment, a loan is activated which has already been granted upstream, but which in fact remains frozen until such time as it is actually used. Only from this moment will interest be paid exclusively on the sums actually used. One of the first banks to introduce this methodology was OneCash with its vouchers and the Easytra Easy loan.

The latter allows you to request a sum of between one thousand and five thousand USD to be repaid over a time horizon of between 12 and 36 months. At 24 July 2019, from the official OneCash website, the rate offered is 6.90%. As mentioned, this loan is intended for pre-assessed OneCash account holders, who have held a current account for at least 6 months and can be effectively requested as needed via a mobile device app.

How to apply for a fast and secure online loan?

How to apply for a fast and secure online loan?

Most financial companies and banks that specialize in providing finance through the web actually allow savings to be made both in terms of the cost of the loan and especially in terms of time.

However, it is good to keep in mind some simple indications that guarantee the customer on the intermediary’s correctness and reliability.

First of all it is good that all correspondence with the supplying company is carried out by means of an official email: if you notice any particular indications that seem to indicate a scam, I suggest you contact the customer’s financial service to request clarifications.

Second fundamental indication is to check how the intermediary predisposed to bargaining identifies with the correspondence correctly, thus highlighting: surname and name, location and registration number at the Ufficio Italiano Cambi UIC.

The last trick, even if it might seem to be the most obvious, in reality still generates many problems in the relationship between the user and the loan provider: when you quote online through a calculator, remember that in most cases (or if it is not otherwise specified) it is a symbolic value that will then have to be recalculated when the final contract is stipulated.

Can I get an immediate online loan?

Can I get an immediate online loan?

Tired of waiting so long to get the outcome of a possible loan? Today it is possible to know the result of a loan application in just a few clicks thanks to the procedures created by some financial companies specialized in online loans.

In most cases, registration with the portal is required to obtain the username and password needed to access the loan services. Once this operation is completed, you will be able to log in: all you have to do is enter your personal data in the appropriate filling areas to complete the request. In a few minutes, you will receive the email with the indication of the outcome.

It should also be noted that today these services cover a wide range of urgent financing categories: for example personal loans, salary backed loans and mortgages.

To learn more about the subject, I suggest you also read the article urgent Loans and Better Bankate or Astro Finance.

Hype and Widiba – An online alternative

Hype offers its customers Plus the possibility of real-time access to a revolving paper loan of up to $ 2,000 to be repaid in convenient monthly installments. The service is called Credit Boost and is still in the beta test phase, but, if welcomed by customers, Bankate could soon make it accessible to all Hypers. You will only have to activate it at a cost of $ 5 directly from the Hype app and, once you have accepted the request, you will be able to draw on this credit line whenever you need it, immediately (TAN 0% while the APR varies according to the amount actually used and the number of installments selected).